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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does laser hair removal work?

    Laser hair removal treatment works by focusing laser light at the base of hair follicles, causing them to cease growth. The laser is attracted to dark pigment in hair (melanin). Using melanin as a conductor, laser energy travels down to the root of the hair follicle where it disperses as thermal energy. This damages the base of the hair follicle rendering it unable to produce hair as quickly. Growth rate will decrease with further treatments.
  • How many hair removal sessions are needed?

    A. The hair must also be in the active growing phase (Anagen) in its growth cycle for treatment to be effective, as this is when the hair is still connected to the base of the hair follicle. This connection, combined with melanin, provides a direct pathway for the laser energy to travel down and disperse as sufficient heat where the hair is produced at the base of the follicle to damage it and cause it to cease growing. Not every hair is in the Anagen phase at any one time which is why you will need multiple treatments over time to treat ALL hairs during the Anagen phase. We recommend a course of 6 treatments to achieve hair-free skin. Facial hair is treated once every 4 weeks and body hair is treated once every 8 weeks.
  • Does laser hair removal work on all hair?

    A. Laser hair removal works on both facial and body hair, including large areas like the legs & back. The laser targets the dark pigment present in some hairs but is not so effective on blonde, white or grey hair.
  • Is laser hair removal permanent?

    A. On average 80-95% of lasered hair is permanently gone after a recommended course of treatments, whereas when you wax, pluck or shave, the hair always grows back. With laser hair removal you need never wax or shave again!
  • How does laser removal compare to waxing?

    A. Laser hair removal is a long-term hair removal solution, whereas waxing & shaving must be repeated regularly to control regrowth. Laser hair removal actually damages each hair follicle, causing it to stop growing altogether.
  • Does laser hair removal work for men?

    A. Because laser hair removal is safe, quick & comfortable, it’s ideal for use on large areas of the body, making it particularly suitable men seeking to remove chest, shoulder & back hair.
  • What about side effects?

    A. The energies used (electrical and light) are both commonly used in a range of medical and cosmetic procedures that have proven to be safe. Most people experience no side effects at all, though few exhibit some short-term local reddening of the surrounding skin. You can return to your regular activities immediately after treatment, although it is advisable to keep the skin protected from exposure to direct sunlight for a short period of time.
  • Is it expensive?

    A. Most people can justify the cost in just a couple of years of buying razors, shaving cream, waxing , etc.